My goal is to make life more enjoyable with ceramics that feel great to touch and hold. Most of my work goes through the filter of, "does the texture feel inviting?". Ceramics is one of few art forms that can be held and I'm continually looking for opportunities to enhance the sense of touch.


I am Jennifer, the one and only behind the making of Jennifer Spring Ceramics. My path to ceramics started out while pursuing my first career in marketing for creative businesses. Pottery started as a creative outlet for my busy mind and I found calm in the practice of centering on the wheel and using my hands to make work. And then life happened, met my husband, changed jobs, had two kids, and somehow 10 years passed before I found clay again. 


I started back taking community pottery classes in 2010 and it brought tears to my eyes because I forgot that it meant so much to my happiness. I eventually started collecting a wheel and kiln, and everything else I would need to have a full studio out of my home. I turned my passion into a real business in 2016 and there's no looking back.


I’m proud to have participated in several recognized shows like Urban Craft Uprising and Renegade Craft Fair. I also feel fortunate to have been featured on the cover of HGTV magazine and highlighted as a West Coast Creative in Traditional Home Magazine. But the best recognition comes from people who want to have my work in their home!

My design is influenced by fashion and home decor and think about how my work fits in a modern home. I consider myself a Seattle native with a Southern California heart. I've been in Seattle most of my life, but spent my formative years living on the beach in Southern California (San Clemente). 



To find items for purchase, please visit my Etsy shop at jenspringceramics. I update new ready to ship work monthly and have a selection of made to order work in my shop, which takes 4-6 weeks.


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